About Us

Xidig Organisation   

Xidig is an umbrella organization focusing on supporting the Somali youth in various areas of life. At the heart of our efforts is building
partnerships, initiatives, and curricula that prepare young adults to succeed as citizens, and change-makers. 75% of the Somali population
consists of youth. That is why Xidig strives for: Realizing engaged young people who possess the power to change the society. Xidig received
a certificate of honour from the Somali Ministry of Youth and Sports.

1. Giving youngsters a perspective for the future.
2. Strengthening interaction with youngsters.
3. Make youngsters aware of their own development.
4. Providing guidance and support for behavioral change through the use of role models.
5. Improving the intercultural communication of youngsters.
6. Better command of the Somali language of youngsters.

1. Organizing lectures.
2. Long-term mentoring programs or support groups (for 500 young people) lasting one year.
Subjects of the activities are:
· How they can improve / change their own situation.
· Timemanagement.
· How to contribute to society.
· Promotion of knowledge.
· Preventing radicalization.
3. Stimulating knowledge sharing by professionals to get the best out of youngsters.
4. Create special TV programs for the youngsters.
5. Our own social activities are shared on Somali TV and social media, so that it can reach even more youngsters.

Each Xidig department has built up its own expertise. By bundling these expertise within one organization, the Xidig Foundation is
able to realize a very broad and unique range of support for young people. Xidig consists of the following 5 departments:
Xidig Academy
Xidig Foundation
Xidig Awards
Xidig Media
Xidig Research & Development

Xidig’s head office is in the Netherlands, specifically in the city of
Haarlem. Other locations in Europe are:
1- Sweden
2- Norway
3- Finland
4- Denmark
5- Switzerland
6- Germany
7- Belgium
8- Austria
9- Italy
10-United Kingdom

Address Headquarters:
Stationsplein 80, 2011 LM Haarlem

Xidig Team
There are currently 34 employees working at Xidig.
Results to be achieved are:
1. Helping youngsters to reach their full potential by leveraging their
interest into practical skills and understand their opportunities and
2. Training 500 youngsters annually, who each give something back
to their own community. This is achieved by every participant guiding
and coaching 3 other youngsters themselves. This way, Xidig reaches
1,500 young people every year.